DINNER AT THE BAR : Meadowsweet in Brooklyn

Dinner At The Bar is a series that started with date night. After a long week, my husband and I like to unwind with good food and drinks, and we discovered there is something magical about sitting at the bar. There is an intimacy and casualness about it, and perched high on our chairs, we can see all of the action. It’s become our weekly ritual.


One of the reasons we love living in Williamsburg is the restaurants, and Meadowsweet is a perfect example of what we love- a cozy and stylish neighborhood spot with consistently great food. In fact, as I write this they just received a Michelin star for the fourth year in a row.

This husband and wife team really put their hearts (and passions) into the restaurant with all kinds of personal touches from an herb garden growing on a specially built loft in the front of the restaurant (feature photo) and personal photography of their property in Upstate New York to growing all of the restaurant’s vegetables in their home garden. It is some of what makes this a feel good kind of place.


Now onto the food. Joe and I always pass on bread at restaurants, but not here. Freshly baked in house, topped with a pinch of sea salt and served with a creamy, flavored butter there is no passing up these rolls. The menu is what I would call modern American with a twist. The starters are so good that we sometimes make a meal of them – sharing 3 or 4. Hands down my favorite dish is the crispy baby artichokes with arugula appetizer. I’m not one to even like vegetables, but I’ve been known to order two of them. And then there are the smoked St. Louis ribs dripping with a bourbon bbq sauce. I think the photo says it all. There is something for everyone on the menu from fish and chicken to steak and pasta which makes it the kind of place you can frequent often.

And for all you city folks who don’t like crossing the river, the good news is it is located at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge (across the street from Peter Lugers).


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