This year’s Christmas tree was topped with a new star designed by architect, Daniel Libeskind. Swarovski Crystal tapped Daniel to create this 3-D beauty which has 70 spikes and three million crystals with LED lighting spots, and weighs a mere 900-pounds.

It was especially fun to see the star this year since we had just spent the evening with Daniel and his wife, Nina, a few weeks earlier. Daniel’s latest book, Edge of Order, was being launched at a party hosted at our client’s home- a townhouse in Greenwich Village that Joe renovated and we just finished with the interior design… hours before the party.

It was a real pleasure meeting the man behind the star, as well as, the Master Plan of the World Trade Center, The Royal Ontario Museum in Canada, and The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco to name a few, as well as his wife Nina, who has run their global business since they opened their first studio in 1989. I asked her how they stay passionate about their work after so many years and loved her response- “we only work with people we can drink wine with.”

Daniel’s sketch of the final star design.

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 6.15.17 AM

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