STITCHROOM : custom pillows, cushions and ottomans… made easy. 

I met the Founder of Stitchroom, Ella Hall, in our office building when I called upon her for a favor to cut down the size of pillows for one of our interior design projects. That is when I learned about the company she started a year and a half ago in her apartment, sewing every order herself. Fast forward and she now has a staff, a community of sewers, and is moving for the second time into a larger workshop space. None of this is surprising to me- her passion is contagious, her vision strong and she is taking on the category of affordable, high quality custom pillows like a powerhouse. This is a woman who is obsessed with pillows and thinks of them in ways we never will, truly believing they are the “earrings to a sofa” and that “if your home looks good (with great pillows), you feel good.

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Her obsession for sewing started at the age of five and led her down different paths including a degree in Fashion, work on set designs, and eventually interior design which is where she started making one-off pillows for Interior Designers in a bind.

When she saw that there were no companies who would make a single custom pillow for a reasonable price- they all needed quantity or you had to pay a premium- Stitchroom was born. She created the most efficient, step-by-by-process to make a pillow (to keep costs down and quality consistency up), secured vendors, built a website that makes ordering easy, and voila, she is now a go-to source for Interior Designers all over the country.

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Next up is her consumer site- now in the works. Unlike Interior Designers who know exactly what they want and who usually require custom sizes and details, etc., she learned that the average person wants far more guidance so they are further streamlining the process with specific choices. Until this new site launches sometime in 2019, you can order your custom pillows through the existing site. If you don’t know exactly what you want and have questions about options, they will walk you through it.

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