I love design and I love “the hunt” so I always have my eyes open for unique objects whether I’m on vacation or simply strolling through Soho on a Saturday. I tend to buy things I love even if I don’t necessarily have a space for them at the time because we’re always changing things up around the apartment. My favorite shops are independent, designer-owned because I appreciate their distinctive eye and well-curated collections. After looking around our apartment I realized we have a lot of vintage finds from our trips to Miami and The Antique and Artisan Gallery in Stamford, CT, and then objects from these favorite shops that all happen to be in lower Manhattan.

The most inspired space of them all is Studio Olivier Gustav (feature photo above). I’m always a bit mesmerized when I walk inside his studio… an incredible combination of subtle and dramatic that is filled with what he calls “rare antique finds and exquisite curiosities.” My favorite object on our coffee table came from here – a black glass, magnifying sphere that houses a crystal. It’s as interesting of an object as it is beautiful.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 3.21.57 PM

Clic is my first destination when I’m in search of textiles, especially pillows and throws. They have an exclusive relationship with the French company, Maison de Vacances. I am crazy for their pillows and if you ask to see the catalogue, they may just special order another style for you as they have too many for them to carry at once.

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Whenever I’m in lower Soho, I stop into Michele Varian– a long time destination for many interior designers. It’s one of those stores I love strolling through and being inspired while checking out the latest collections of home goods. She keeps things fresh so there is always a new discovery. Our favorite cocktail glasses came from here and it’s always a go-to for gifts.


If you love neutrals and natural materials Home Nature is your store. It’s one of my destinations simply because I feel so good in the soothing space. Their tabletop collection is my favorite. Trays, servings pieces, table linens, barware… I love it all.


Ted Muehling will always have a special place in my heart as it is where we found my engagement ring. For the last 28 years, Muehling has curated a space of exquisite collections of chosen artisans to feature alongside his own – organic forms found in nature being their common thread. It’s another one of those spaces that is soothing to the soul and where you just want to take your time looking at all of the objects.

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Another great shop in lower Soho is Flair. I especially love their collection of decorative boxes. With all of the accessories they have, you can tell these guys know how to style a coffee table or credenza so it’s great inspiration. They also have fantastic vintage pieces at surprisingly reasonable prices.

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