Penned by Architect (and my partner in business and life), Joseph Vance, AIA. 
While apartments certainly have their perks: doormen to greet you, handle your packages and provide security, handymen to make repairs and unclog drains, amenities like gyms, swimming pools, etc., there are still distinct advantages to townhouse living.

I lived in townhouses in the city for 30 years, and the last 3 in a beautiful, new high-rise. While I certainly do not miss cleaning the gutters or shoveling the sidewalk, there are things I miss.

Silence. No one talking in the hall outside the door, no one dropping things on the floor above you, no crying children or smelling someone else’s dinner, and no neighbors complaining about your music.

No “wet over dry” – meaning you cannot put a bathroom anywhere you want because you might leak into someone else’s bedroom!

No pulling your hair out coordinating Certificates of Insurance just to get a new mattress delivered.

A basketball court beneath a new townhouse – currently under construction on the UWS
Seriously, depending on your needs, there are so many things you simply cannot have in an apartment.

Outdoor Space:  rear yard plus rooftop – larger than any terrace or balcony – and you can have proper landscaping (and no restriction on having a grill!)

Unusual Spaces:  swimming pools, basketball courts, batting cage, golf simulator.  We currently have townhouse projects with all of those!

Sheer volume of space:  there are large apartments, however, it is quite rare to get one as large as some townhouses.

Storage:  no apartment building storage unit equals a complete townhouse cellar worth of storage.

Climate Control:  you can have totally independent climate control in every room, with no one telling you it is not yet heating or cooling season.

Joseph Vance Architects specializes in Townhouse renovations.
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