DINNER AT THE BAR : L’Antagoniste in Brooklyn

Dinner at the Bar is a series that started with date night. After a long week, my husband and I like to unwind with good food and drinks, and we discovered there is something magical about sitting at the bar. There is an intimacy and casualness about it, and perched high on our chairs, we can see all of the action. It’s become our weekly ritual.


Friends of ours recently introduced us to what has become one of our new favorites. Located in the heart of Bed-Stuy, this low-key French spot serves up classic dishes with premium farm-to-table ingredients.

It was love at first sight when we arrived and saw the inconspicuous entrance – the only signage being a small brass plaque with their name engraved, on a bright red door. That might sound pretentious, but as you can see, it was anything but that. It perfectly prepared us for what was on the other side of the door. Loads of style and charm.

Amadeus’ (the owner) intent with his restaurant was to honor classic French traditions and techniques by offering up century-old dishes like duck a l’orange and even grenouille. Everything on the menu sounds delicious, and it is – absolutely delicious. We were fortunate to meet Amadeus and have him recommend a wine off their incredibly vast wine list (or should I say, book) that ranges from $20-$2,000 a bottle, and his recommendation was spot on, of course.

The decor is casual and eclectic – I love how every seating area from the main room and the bar to the outdoor garden is charming and distinctive. The bar is definitely an intimate experience with only four stools. Perfect for date night.

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