DINNER AT THE BAR : Antica Pesa in Brooklyn

Dinner at the Bar is a series that started with date night.  After a long week, my husband and I like to unwind with good food and drinks, and we discovered there is something magical about sitting at the bar.  There is an intimacy and casualness about it, and perched high on our chairs, we can see all of the action. It’s become our weekly ritual.


Continuing the legacy of their family’s restaurant in Rome that opened in 1922, two brothers opened Antica Pesa in Williamsburg in 2012.  Lorenzo and Francesco love what they do – it’s in their blood.  Their passion quite literally greets you at the door and you can taste it in all of their food.

They rework traditional recipes from Roman cuisine and utilize local, seasonal and mostly organic foods, with a nod to modern trends.  The space is sophisticated with modern warmth, and the atmosphere lively.  They paid great attention to the restaurant’s design and how you feel in it – soft lighting and music that you can have easy conversation over.  Our favorite is the intimate bar area where we can cozy up while all the action is going on around us, and we love the fireplace that adds to the enchantment on those cold nights.

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